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C. R. "Arizona" Edwards, the famous big game hunter, arrived in Flagstaff and announced his plans to immediately begin building a large lodge on the west side of Mormon Lake. He claims that this will have a tremendous impact on the popularization of Flagstaff among those seeking recreation and ideal places to live.

50 years ago

1971: There are eight of them. They are all white. They are all new Chevrolets. Flagstaff police took delivery of their new patrol cars this week. Flagstaff's Tyrell Chevrolet was the low bidder on the deal.

It wasn't seen as just another student prank. On Tuesday, six students from Northern Arizona University were arrested by campus police on charges of inflicting assault on police officers after detonating an explosive device to cause assault and other damage. The arrests stem from last week's "incident" in which eight students prepared 15 Molotov cocktails and then tossed them from the roof of an eight-story dormitory.

The sun rose early Monday morning on three different break-ins. One in Flagstaff Community Hospital, one on a construction site in East Flagstaff, and a third in the American Bulk Oil Plant. So far, no perpetrators have been identified.

25 years ago

1996: According to Antonia Riggatoni, who we interviewed at her noodle factory on Old Route 66, the lack of moisture in Flagstaff – the pasta capital of the world – has created an international spaghetti crisis, and the Arizona Daily Sun has a long-running date with this one special holiday.

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