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125 years ago

1896: The Arizona Territory will have no statehood for the next two years. The Congressional Statehood Committee did not act early enough for Congress to pick it up at this session.

W. A. ​​Wilkins has joined the Flagstaff Colony in Jerome.

Who To: The public is cautioned not to enter or pay any tickets in the southern neighborhood of Section 15, Township 21 North, Range 7 East, Coconino County, Arizona pending a decision by the United Supreme Court States present States in the case titled EJ Conzles v EW Frank et al., Trustee who claims to be the owner of the quarter in question.

There's a new gold strike at Tombstone.

The Limited trains leave Chicago at 8 p.m. The latest in elegant luxury Pullman sleeper cars are offered daily to the west and daily east in Los Angeles.

100 years ago

1921: W.H. Morse, formally from Flagstaff, who left town in a hurry and doesn't expect to return last summer, is now expected to be back soon. The sheriff has been patiently looking for him ever since. P. J. Moran of the Babbit Bros. Trading Company swore an arrest warrant against him for overwriting and cashing checks. This is a crime.

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