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As shown, the downtown plan would provide more parking space.

A relatively new type of raised lane markings will be installed on Santa Fe Avenue from Verde Street to the east I-40 interchange to allow snow plows to operate freely.

Flagstaff City Council has considered widening Fort Valley Road to four lanes.

25 years ago

1995: Coconino County has fined hundreds of thousands of dollars less for overcrowded prisons than a court order mandates. In addition, $ 22,250 allocated to drug abuse programs for prison inmates sit idle while district officials ask who is responsible for allocating the funds.

The county has amassed $ 56,300 in fines over the past six months for overcrowding the prison.

A new airline will be serving Flagstaff at Pulliam Air Port from Monday morning. Peacock Air Service, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers one flight per day to Phoenix and Laughlin, Nevada.

The cheapest flight to Albuquerque – on a weekday with a week in advance – costs 119 USD round-trip.

The maximum price for a weekend ticket is $ 189. The entry of a second airline is seen as a small but significant step in helping Flagstaff flourish in its air service. So far, Mesa Air Lines has been our only flight service.

All events were extracted from editions of the Arizona Daily Sun and its predecessors, the Coconino Weekly Sun and the Coconino Sun.

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