Flagstaff temperatures transfer from report warmth to early freeze as chilly entrance rolls in – Arizona Day by day Solar

Despite Flagstaff’s difficult soil and temperatures, the flavor of produce she’s able to taste from home growing really makes any of Flagstaff’s challenges worth the end result.

“The early warmth and warm summer have been really prolific for our veggies,” Lamberson said. “We’re sorry to see this early frost, but we hope we’ll overcome it.”

She was sad to admit that her plot of local wildflowers — sunflowers, snapdragons, dahlias and poppies — probably wouldn’t survive the night.

“I need to cut them, because the reality is they probably won’t be there tomorrow,” Lamberson said.

Labor Day weekend

Every day during Labor Day weekend saw continuing record-breaking heat across northern Arizona.

On Sunday alone, eight cities reached new high records, including Flagstaff at 91 degrees, Grand Canyon Airport at 95 degrees, and Winslow at 103 degrees. More areas broke records on Monday, including Phantom Ranch at 112 degrees.

The weekend air wasn’t just hot, but smokey. Daniel said the smoke rolled in from California and Colorado fires, and he expected that smoke to stay considering how many fires are burning in neighboring states.

“There could be some breaks here and there, but until we get all those fires put out, it’s really hard to say when it could end,” Daniel said.

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