Flagstaff YMCA pronounces closure of its preschool service – Arizona Every day Solar

“We just don’t have enough kiddos to justify the the overhead expenses,” Cooper told the Arizona Daily Sun. “Unfortunately, with childcare centers, and especially nonprofit childcare centers, there really isn’t a cash reserve. They very much are businesses that run month to month, and we rely on that revenue coming in the door to pay just the operating costs.”

Tuttle said when the program ends on December 18, no one will be laid off; instead, childcare staff will be offered other hours in different departments.

But the closure puts parents like Rebecca Yerian in a tough spot.

Yarian said she enrolled her 4-year-old son Justin and her 1-year-old son Augustus in the YMCA’s program in March after the home daycare she had relied on ended.

The woman who ran that home program was pregnant, and considering the pandemic, she decided it was safest to end her daycare, Yarian said.

Yarian said she and her husband have already been looking for new childcare programs that can look after their kids while they are at work but it has not been easy.

“I guess I honestly don’t know what the plan is, I’ve been on the phone all day calling daycares,” Yarian said. “I’ve toured a bunch of other preschools trying to find daycare, but some of them, they will take one kid but not the other, or the prices are outrageous.”

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