From Little League to grownup rec sports activities in Flagstaff, modifications, cancellations abound – Arizona Day by day Solar

Little League International is the head operation for more than 6,500 programs in more than 84 countries.

Welker said he has received no resistance after releasing the league’s decision to follow that of Little League International.

“The good things is that, I believe, for the most part that the community, the West Flagstaff Little League board, the families, they all understand that we are in unprecedented times and that this is a very unique situation that we are facing,” he added.

Recreationalists out on the trails and in the city parks should note that the bathrooms at those locations will be off-limits for now. The city announced recently that all permanent restrooms in the city’s parks, including those in Heritage Square, are closed until further notice.

Hoops players based in Flagstaff who are in club season are also facing unknowns now as the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) announced on Wednesday that it was extending the temporary suspension of licensed AAU events through April 15.

“This is a decision that the AAU organization did not make lightly but one we strongly feel is in the best interest of everyone involved in AAU events,” its release said.

The AAU season can be a chance for high school-aged players to get recognition from different levels of coaches, most often from the college ranks.

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