Greater than 1,000 protest George Floyd’s loss of life round Flagstaff in largely peaceable occasion – Arizona Day by day Solar

In Arizona, earlier protests caused Gov. Doug Ducey to implement a curfew starting at 8 p.m. through June 8. Mayor Coral Evans said even though she has her disagreements with the governor, in a call with him, she did not accept any state police to help manage protestors.

Despite the fact that protestors used their First Amendment right to protest until 9 p.m. on Tuesday, there was only one other case of property damage where “Black Lives Matter” was spray painted onto the Flagstaff City Hall lawn. Protestors in the area of downtown also marched on Birch Avenue, and held sit-ins on Birch and Route 66.

Earlier in the day, Hernandez explained that the police will assess the protests in the coming days on a case-by-case basis. He said the department wants to straddle the line between protecting people’s life and property and protecting people’s right to protest.

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“We’re trying to prevent any of that unlawful behavior,” Hernandez said. “We are allocating resources to protect the rights of individuals exercising constitutional rights, but also implementing personnel to preserve the safety and order of the community.”

Jermaine Barkley, a Flagstaff resident for 8 years, was among the hundreds protesting in the downtown area and near Flagstaff City Hall. Barkley wrote the names and last words of people of color from around the country who he felt died unjustly. The words included “I can’t breathe,” from George Floyd; “Please don’t let me die,” from Kimani Gray; and “I wasn’t reaching for it” from Philando Castile.

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