House Ventures Completes Acquisition of 222 Unit Village in Aspen Place Luxurious House Neighborhood in Flagstaff, Arizona | MultifamilyBiz.com – MultifamilyBiz.com

The $ 64.5 million transaction is Apartment Ventures' fourth institutional acquisition in the Southwest in as many years. This brings the portfolio in the southwest to close to 1,000 units, which corresponds to an investment of almost a quarter of a billion dollars.

With this new acquisition, Apartment Ventures continues to do what they do best: make targeted, well-researched investments in well-known markets, resulting in successful long-term relationships that produce solid returns.

John Nunn, Principal at Apartment Ventures, NNC stated, “Our acquisition of this property was made possible due to our reputation, relationships and extensive knowledge of the Southwest market. These aspects all add value to our investors and have helped us become a boutique company that can compete with institutional investors. We are very proud of this latest purchase – it continues to cement our longstanding reputation in the region. "

Source: Apartment ventures

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