Letter to the Editor: Bear in mind to Donate On to the Flagstaff Household Meals Middle This Vacation Season – Arizona Each day Solar.

Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are just around the corner. Because of the COVID pandemic this year, they will all hit us hard. I appreciate and feel very blessed for the caring community in which we live. However, many of us may not be aware that our donation may not be used locally in local stores. Most chain store donations are determined by their headquarters.

The only food bank in northern Arizona is the Flagstaff Family Food Center, which not only serves Flagstaff and the surrounding area, but also helps our neighbors with reservations. If you would like your donation to stay on site, please send turkeys, gift cards or other donations to the following address:

Flagstaff Family Food Center

Even if we cannot celebrate the holidays in large gatherings, let's celebrate in peaceful and safe environments. Happy Holidays everyone!

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