Letter to the Editor: Flagstaff wants chief keen to problem ‘establishment’ – Arizona Day by day Solar

As a longtime resident of Flagstaff, I have seen our community move in a negative direction on many fronts over the past several years. While the current mayor and Council promised to address issues like affordable housing and the student housing monstrosities, at the end of the day all we have is more of the same. It is obvious that we need a new approach to the way the people’s business in Flagstaff is conducted. That’s why I’m pleased to support Paul Deasy for Flagstaff mayor.

While I have voted for Deasy’s opponent in the past and appreciate his service on Council, the time has come for a new leader that can take Flagstaff in a better direction. Our community needs leadership that is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Leadership that supports transparency and government accountability. Leadership that listens to the concerns and feedback of all residents rather than select special interest groups. That leader is Paul Deasy.

As Nov. 3 approaches, I look forward to casting my vote for Paul Deasy for Flagstaff mayor.

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