Metropolis of Flagstaff Declares a Housing Emergency – Alerts AZ


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The Flagstaff City Council declared a Housing Emergency at their meeting on Dec. 2, 2020, with the passage of Resolution 2020-66. The declaration recognizes the need to make housing a leading priority within city operations and the community. Mayor Coral Evans said, “Flagstaff has simply become used to living with this housing crisis and because of that, our community does not recognize how dire the current conditions are for our community members.”

Based on 2018 Census data, 49% of all households in Flagstaff are low-income and 45% of all households are housing cost-burdened, meaning they are paying more than 30% of their gross monthly income towards housing.

Resolution Number 2020-66 specifies a number of actions in addition to prioritizing housing within city operations and in the community. These actions include the creation of a Housing Plan focused on housing development and preservation within the city for the next 10 years; public outreach and education about the critical role affordable housing plays in a thriving community; and the exploration and support for additional local funding resources.

The Resolution also continues the city’s commitment to further Federal and Arizona Fair Housing laws in all housing-related services and programs, valuing the efforts of those who seek to reduce barriers to full and equal access to housing opportunities, and providing Fair Housing education and resources to the community.

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