Metropolis of Flagstaff Seeks Enter on McMillan Mesa Pure Space Rezone Modification Utility – Alerts AZ


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Proposition 413 (Campaign for a Greater Buffalo Park) was passed by Flagstaff voters in 2016. This proposition restricted the use of approximately 300 acres of City-owned property on McMillan Mesa to public open space and passive recreation. The land affected by Proposition 413 is currently zoned as Public Facilities and Rural Residential. The City Council directed staff to amend the Zoning Code to reflect the outcomes of Proposition 413. The City Council approved the McMillan Mesa Natural Area major plan amendment in 2018, the next step is to amend the existing zoning of the area Public Facilities and Rural Residential Zoning to Public Open Space.

To complete the Zoning Amendment application, the city is holding two community virtual meetings and a 60-day comment period to provide citizens the opportunity to review and comment on the application, to ensure citizens and property owners have an adequate opportunity to learn about application that may affect them and to facilitate ongoing communication with the community to resolve concerns.

Community meetings are on the following dates:

Meeting 1: Community Virtual Meeting

Meeting 2: Community Virtual Meeting

Each meeting will begin with a short presentation on McMillan Mesa Natural Area’s history as it relates to Proposition 413, to be followed by the opportunity to provide feedback, and ask questions about the Zoning Map Amendment application. Comments will also be accepted through the Flagstaff Community Forum ( from Dec. 1, 2020 – Jan. 31, 2021.

For questions about the McMillan Mesa Natural Area Rezoning Application or the upcoming public meetings, contact Robert Wallace at (928) 213-2154 or Contact Genevieve Pearthree at or (928) 213-2603 for questions about the Zoning Map Amendment application process.

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