Metropolis of Flagstaff Works to Maintain Roads Protected After Winter Storm – ABC15 Arizona

FLAGSTAFF, AZ – A storm swept through the highlands Saturday night, leaving at least 8 inches of snow in Flagstaff.

Due to the winter weather, places like the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course and Arizona Snowbowl sold out.

"Snowbowl requires chains or four-wheel drive after a heavy snowfall," said Li Cui of Arizona Snowbowl. "So, they are needed today, and we would expect tracks or all-wheel drive to be needed in the next few days during the storm."

Signs were placed next to the road warning drivers not to play in the snow.

The Flagstaff City Public Works Department works 24 hours a day to clear the streets. They have 20 snow plows that are responsible for clearing 700 miles of streets in the city.

"We look at each other seven to ten days in 12-hour shifts," said Scott Overton, City of Flagstaff's director of public works road.

Overton oversees the machines, which not only scoop up snow, but also leave behind a cinder material that is used on the roads to make them less slippery.

"We're using a locally mined aggregate," said Overton. "It's just an ice cinder product that offers better traction control."

But don't rely on that alone when driving in snow. Overton says the next few days will continue to be a tell-tale time to travel.

"Really think about when you are coming and make sure you allow extra time. Drive carefully, slow down and just prepare," he said.

Overton says the snow will still be here next weekend, so he recommends not coming north for the next few days if you don't have to.

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