Money Mobs descend on native Flagstaff eating places – Arizona Every day Solar

“We’ve been slow,” Duffy said. “We do this drop-pickup thing (for lunch customers) and that’s what’s been keeping us going. Catering? Zip. For this year, all our weddings catering was canceled. We’re just about paying our bills. As owners, if (expletive) hits the fan, we’ll pay ourselves.”

Backe, standing outside Café Daily Fare’s doors amid swirling snowflakes waiting for the mob to descend, felt bad that the minions were few and far between because of the inclement weather, far fewer than at the previous week’s Jitters convocation.

“Maybe we’ll redo (Café Daily Fare) again, because of the snow, you know, give them a fairer shot,” Backe said.

Then again, there are a lot of locally owned restaurants out there needing a revenue injection.

“We go off suggestions from our members, and a lot mentioned Café Daily Fare,” Klein said. “We’ll take what we can find, maybe even at pick at random.”

Klein said the cash mob cause received a boost of its own when an anonymous donor ponied up a $500 donation.

“That really got us started,” Klein said. “My dad and I travel around town a lot and try different places, so we talk with people and they told us it’s been hard. (The restaurant scene) is not completely dead, but not normal. It’s been harder hit than expected.”

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