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Several local residents, including the neighborhood watch block captain Tom Ziegler, believe the majority of University Heights' spears were covered in moss after the first snowfall on November 9th. Many, but not all.

Elizabeth Morrison, who has security cameras calling her house, is still taping a video of a particularly daring spear, a big fool that stomps across her lawn at night and burrows under her neighbor's porch.

"The snow didn't stop him," said Morrison, who posted a video on the Nextdoor social media platform. "This guy is still hanging out and I don't know if it's because he doesn't have a herd or what? The night it snowed, I caught a herd of them with babies in front of the camera in my driveway. You haven't been back yet. But that one guy is still there, I'm sure of that. "

On road

Ziegler, who lives behind DeMiguel Elementary School near a green belt that leads to social paths in the forest, said at the end of October a pack of eight spears, four of which were young offspring, had moved in. But now they have withdrawn. But where?

"Somebody told me that they have now been discovered by Equestrian Estates," said Ziegler, referring to the housing estate on the western border of National Forest Land across from University Heights.

“You know,” added Ziegler, “in the last few years there have been reports of a single spear, but nothing about the numbers that are available now. They are there. That is not the problem. The problem for me is how aggressive they get. Game and fish told me that they are usually not aggressive but rather to remove any source of food. "

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