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Does 2020 have you feeling down? Take heart, you’re not alone. As a cardiology Nurse Practitioner, I’ve been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic and have talked to hundreds of people who feel the same way you do. The stress of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in many different ways, but nobody has been spared. If the phrase “the new normal” makes you cringe, I have good news for you – “the new normal” has the potential to be very positive!

If we have learned one thing from coronavirus, it is that we value our lives and our health above all else. And, that, my friends, has created a very teachable moment. We’ve come to the realization that the chronic diseases that have become so commonplace in this country, like heart disease, obesity and diabetes, have reduced our resiliency and made us much more susceptible to acute illness, disease and even death. Most chronic diseases have one common feature: inflammation. Chronic inflammation is like a smoldering fire inside of our bodies and when an acute stressor, like coronavirus, comes along, it has the effect of tossing fuel on the fire. The once smoldering fire bursts into flames.

The good news is that because so many chronic diseases are rooted in lifestyle choices, we have the ability to make small, intentional changes in our daily routine that can make a big difference in our overall health and vitality. So, if this pandemic has caused you to ponder how many things are left on your bucket list, and you want to feel better in 2021 than you do now, there is no time like the present to make a change.

If you have been isolating because you are in the “high risk group” for any reason other than age, or if you’ve been working from home and have gained the quarantine-15, or if you simply want to get healthier, I encourage you to embrace the chaos that 2020 has brought and use it to your advantage. Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn “the new normal” into a wellness revolution?

At Peak Heart and Vascular in Flagstaff, we take your health and well-being seriously and are ready to help you achieve a more abundant future filled with the freedom and resiliency that only health can offer. We offer both safe, in-person appointments (recommended if you are having any concerning cardiac symptoms that need to be evaluated) and a robust telemedicine platform to assist you from the safety of your own home.

We aren’t through this yet, but I feel confident that we can come out healthier together on the other side! Call us today to get started on your journey to a healthier and more resilient future. FBN

By Megan Engbring DNP, FNP-C

Dr. Megan Engbring DNP, FNP-C, is a cardiology Nurse Practitioner at Peak Heart and Vascular, located at 1501 S. Yale Street #152, in Flagstaff. For more information, call 928-888-9595.


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