Salvaging COVID-19 vaccines: Flagstaff suppliers use waitlists to stop waste – Arizona Every day Solar

The county is committed to zero waste of the vaccine, she added, and as it moves through its priority vaccine groups, the individuals who can be added to the call-down list will also change.

Though the county advises its partner organizations not to waste vaccine, it does not manage their vaccination plans. Therefore, smaller local clinics targeting specific groups, such as Flagstaff Family Care Clinic, have set up their own procedures for extra doses.

The clinic is currently offering vaccines only to the 1,100 of its patients who are age 75 and older, said Practice Administrator Cindy Wade, and will eventually move to patients 65 and older.

“We’re not catering to younger people only because they can drive and they can schedule their own appointments, they’re computer savvy, they have technology and they’re not the highest risk,” Wade said. “We’ve got to take care. We could lose an entire generation if we don’t manage this correctly and that would be very sad.”

Although 10 doses per vial is the standard for the Moderna vaccine, Wade said vials in reality can contain anywhere from nine to 11 doses. She has not yet seen a vial with only nine doses, though she said the practice has been informed that if this occurs, Moderna will provide the practice with another vial in replacement.

The clinic’s initial allocation was 100 doses, in which an additional three doses were discovered. Of these 100 appointments, there were no cancellations. This week the team will receive an additional 900 first doses and 100 second doses.

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