Speaking with Kids: Baby Therapist Opens Flagstaff Observe Throughout Pandemic – Arizona Every day Solar.

Burns' approach is to use play to pinpoint the problem, especially for younger children who are able to share their real-world situations with the help of tools like sandboxes or puppets.

“Children's language is often a game. Her cognitive ability to use words to describe her feelings comes at a later stage, so she makes an impact through her play, "said Burns. "Then as soon as I have a relationship and trust with the child, I can say," I wonder if this has ever happened to you or if you have ever felt this way? "And then it processes those feelings."

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Burns suggests that families work to stick to schedules as best they can, limit their children's access to news outlets, and spend time together while having meals and fun activities as easy as strolling through the neighborhood are.

Most of the time, she encourages parents to answer their children's questions, including the difficult ones about current events.

“Acknowledge these feelings for her like, 'I know this is a difficult time for you, I want to answer your question, and I'll do the best I can. "I think this can go a long way in helping children understand that their parents are there for them," said Burns.

In addition to the more traditional therapy, Burns is also a registered yoga teacher for children and certified in eco-psychology, treatment through increased closeness to nature and mindfulness outdoors.

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