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These days, every day, every hour offers disturbing news. The gush from the screens/social media of fear, anger, hatred, ignorance, conspiracies. Can it get worse? When will end?

What a time to be alive.

Students may be especially affected, as more new things are disrupted, postponed or canceled. Plans and dreams are shattered or altered.

The mind can drift to the past, the Black Death, the American Civil War, World War I, the 1918 Flu, the Depression, Dust Bowl, World War II, the Holocaust, Polio, the Vietnam War, assassinations, riots, mass shootings, HIV/AIDs, innumerable international/foreign horrors, personal tragedies.

There have certainly been terrible things in the past. However, none of those are happening in this moment. Drifting forward in time, there are scary alternate futures, multitudes of dystopian possibilities.

None of these are happening in this moment.

There are remedies.

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is very powerful in changing one’s outlook from despair to positive. Taking inventory of what is good and right in life, then being thankful for those gems resets the mind.

Being Present

Now, as the conscious mind can only focus on one thing at time, being present breaks free from the past and future. There are many ways to be in the moment: breath, aromatherapy, music, yoga, physical activity, nature, meditation. Information on many techniques is readily available.

Recalling the Positive Past

Everyone has a treasure chest of positive memories. Going back in time to find the right emotion brings that feeling to this moment.

Focusing on the Positive Future

Imagining a desired future, with all the senses included, creates the feeling of confidence and success as if it is actually happening now.

Scheduling Connections

Even though in-person interaction is severely limited, the same devices that deliver negative messages are great tools for interaction. Keeping connection with groups, families and friends requires planning and coordination, but so does going to a restaurant or movie. Scheduling connections as appointments makes it more likely to happen.

Giving to Others

Serving others diverts one’s attention from the self to others. Volunteering creates a feeling of positivity and self-worth. Reaching out to an isolated person is a wonderful way to help with a need that is greater than ever.

Being in Nature

Getting outside gives a sense of freedom and an opportunity to escape technology and media.

Getting Help

Reach out to friends, family or other people you respect and trust. Find free or affordable counseling. Contact local businesses or organizations that work with mind issues. Some have free consultations and are happy to help. Notice how friends and family members are doing; they may need help. FBN

By Don Berlyn

Don Berlyn is a practicing therapist and owner of Flagstaff Hypnotherapy and Coaching. For more information on hypnotherapy, coaching or anything related to using the power of your mind, reach him at 928-699-8263 or flaghypno@gmail.com. Consultations are always free! Sessions conducted in person, by phone and online. For more information, visit


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