Storms anticipated to drop 19 to 29 inches of snow in Flagstaff – Related Press

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Two winters storms in northern Arizona over the next five days are expected to drop a combined 19 to 29 inches of snow in the Flagstaff area.

A storm from Friday through Sunday is expected to bring moderate snowfall across the region, while the second storm is forecast to deliver even more snow from Monday through Tuesday evening.

The National Weather Service said the Flagstaff area is expected to see seven to 11 inches of snow in the first storm and another 12 to 18 inches during the second storm. Payson is forecast to receive 15 to 21 inches of snow in the second storm.

The storms are expected to make driving conditions difficult in the high country. Temperatures in northern Arizona on Wednesday and Thursday also are expected to be bitterly cold, raising concerns about the possibility of frozen pipes in some areas of the high country.

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