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As far as solutions go to the ongoing lapses in trail etiquette, mountain biking advocate Quintile preaches patience with and education for those individual “jerks” who sometimes flout trail decorum.

“It’s not rocket science to do this, and you shouldn’t come with a lot of attitude,” he said. “Nobody’s entitled and everybody should try to get along.”

Readers respond

The Daily Sun asked readers to share their concerns about etiquette on the trails. Here is a sampling of the reactions:

• Sara Dresler: “Dogs off leash. I got mauled badly last year and I am scared to even go on trails because people don’t keep their dogs from running up to me.”

• Noah Brooke Bard: “Quads — especially those visiting Flagstaff — traveling on non-motorized trails. Our backyard is not your weekend playground to disrespect.”

• Thomasin Miller: “One thing I have observed here in Flag is that many runners and cyclists do not alert when they are passing other cyclists, runners, or pedestrians on the trail causing many a mini-shock or near-accident with those being passed. Please, those approaching to pass should give fair warning by yelling out, ‘On your left,’ or something similar before passing to avoid potential catastrophe. It is the right and courteous thing to do.”

• Ludo Pierson: “I have witnessed many things on the trails during my 16 years in Flagstaff, the most peculiar was definitely the sight of a fully naked male with a backpack hiking away on the AZT. …. I have to admit that my number one pet peeve is the off-leash dogs. Whether it happens when I am walking or running, the fear of being attacked is the first thing that comes to mind when encountering, regardless of size or breed.”

• Bonnie Shepard: “Husband and I came across a middle-aged couple recently on the Kachina Trail, and the woman was carving something into the Aspen. So stupid! So rude!”

• Raymond Tamppari: “As a senior citizen and one who has been walking the urban trails for many years, my two pet peeves are: (1) Unleashed dogs; (2) Bike riders. Both of these can be dangerous to an older person who does not have the necessary balance or quickness to avoid a fall if accosted even by a friendly dog, or a rapidly moving bicycle. The latter can sometimes be difficult to hear approaching from the rear.”

• Barb Magnan: “Dogs off leash. It only is it against the law, it keeps me from my walking my dogs (legally) in the forest because everyone thinks their dog is ‘nice,’ and they don’t always behave as expected.”

• Pamela Wolf MacMahon: “Hikers who listen to music (without headphones) and/or talk loudly and constantly.”

• Robin East: “People that don’t say ‘hi’ back.”

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