SUNDAY FEATURE: Flagstaff medical doctors assess coronavirus pandemic response in hindsight – Arizona Day by day Solar

There was also a litany of academic literature to sift through. Research firms have teams ready to jump on the next big pandemic to establish new benchmarks on high-profile diseases, Terriquez said. These firms are constantly churning out new and sometimes conflicting reports that doctors then have to consider when trying to achieve the safest practices for the hospital.

“Sometimes we would spend a week working on a document, a week working on a policy, and then by the time it was ready to go, the day of, the recommendation would change completely,” Terriquez said.

“Or worse yet, the day after you put it out there, right?” Mougin added.

“Yeah, exactly,” Terriquez said. “It was kind of starting over from the get-go. Incorporating those changes to our practice, that was rough for us.”

Both admitted that as hard as it was to manage changing reports and information, the most difficult part was nurses and doctors having to shift between recommendations on the fly.

“Obviously it made our colleagues and nurses doubt what we were doing. We kept changing our minds, that was the impression that they had, that we were changing our minds,” Mougin said. “When in reality, we were just trying to practice as evidence-based as possible, following recommendations from federal agencies.”

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