SUNDAY FEATURES: Meet Bob Bowser, 91, a real Flagstaff Unique – Arizona Each day Solar.

A few weeks before getting on the train, he had broken his ankle jumping off a high school balcony on a 50-cent challenge from a classmate. When the occupation broke off, Bowser took some war bonds he got for Christmas and got on the train line called Challenger and drove it undetected to Los Angeles. He had no plan.

"I just wanted to see the movie stars," he said. "It was quite an adventure going out and I ended up on the porch at the Beverly Hills Hotel."

The hotel doorman showed too much interest in the young Bob, and a car-hop stepped in and found accommodation for the teenager with a family in a bungalow behind the hotel.

“One day I saw an ad in the newspaper that Ray Milland – you know, the actor – wanted someone to take care of his swimming pool, so I went to apply for the job. But I had no way of getting there. I was hitchhiking and Groucho is picking me up. He begins by asking, "Why aren't you in school, boy?" And where do you live?" I only knew the one street I'd walked on, Rodeo Drive, so I told him that. He knew I had lied. I stammered and stumbled. And he asks more questions. "

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Did Bowser know it was Groucho, the leader of the filmmakers Marx Brothers?

"Oh yeah," he said. "The mustache was wrong back then, but you couldn't miss it even without it. So we got where I needed it and I said," Thanks for the ride, "and wanted to get out there and run. He says," I'll go too this way "and follow me. So we go on and suddenly Groucho is not there. He's talking to a man in the foyer of a shop. I immediately ask," Oh, a plainclothes detective. "I've seen a lot of films. And it was I couldn't run because I just pulled my ankle out of a cast after jumping off that balcony at school, I remember snapping my finger and turning around like I forgot something, but Groucho and the detective stopped me. "

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