The Flagstaff Ski & Snowboard Group receives the US Ski & Snowboard Podium Membership Certification –

When people think of Arizona, their minds automatically imagine blazing desert sunsets and stately saguaro cacti. But contrary to popular belief, Arizona has a rich history and tradition of alpine skiing and snow sports.

One nonprofit committed to upholding these traditions is the Flagstaff Ski & Snowboard Team and the competitive ski and snowboard teams Flagstaff Alpine Ski Team (FAST) and Grand Canyon Freeride Team (GCFT).

Since 1967, the Flagstaff Ski & Snowboard Team has trained thousands of Arizona junior athletes, from talented amateurs to junior Olympics. Today, FAST and GCFT have over 100 committed young athletes aged 8 to 17 and more than 20 professional trainers. The teams train and compete in the Arizona Snowbowl and other ski areas in the southwest.

The Flagstaff Ski & Snowboard Team was recently awarded the bronze podium by US Ski and Snowboard. US Ski & Snowboard's Podium Club Certification Program requires a rigorous, task-based self-assessment and review of best principles and practices in eight areas of organizational performance. The Flagstaff Ski & Snowboard Team has demonstrated an appropriate level of performance in all areas and is recognized as an important partner of the US ski and snowboard clubs and a leader among the country's ski and snowboard clubs.

“This is a milestone in the 53-year history of our team. The US certification process for skis and snowboards is demanding. Throughout the process, we analyzed every aspect of team operation and structure to provide our junior athletes and families with world-class training and life experiences, ”said Todd Gillenwater, Chairman of the Board and father of twin girls who drive for FAST.

This certification provides an amazing resource and partnership among U.S. ski and snowboard and podium certified clubs. The main goal of the US ski and snowboard development program is to collect, synthesize, and analyze information and report on what is working in all US regions.

Opportunities for the bronze-level clubs include professional development of employees with the invitation to provide content for club development resources, the opportunity to present at regional and national Club Excellence conferences, participation in forums and discussion groups with colleagues national and regional level. This also includes access to expert advisors for club development, support in areas of organizational performance related to athletics, business, community and discounted prices for certain advisory services.

US Ski & Snowboard President and CEO Tiger Shaw said, “Working closely with our member clubs to recognize excellence and create a platform for continuous improvement is a priority for our organization. Our clubs are our sport's greatest asset for recruiting, developing and retaining athletes. Working with them will improve their level. "

Published with the kind permission of the Flagstaff Ski & Snowboard Team.

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