The Metropolis of Flagstaff District Courtroom, a brand new heart of civil life, is open to enterprise – Alerts AZ

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Kinney Construction Services, Inc. (KCS), the City of Flagstaff, and design partners CGL Companies (CGL) celebrated a major milestone this month with the opening of the City of Flagstaff's new Municipal Courthouse facility. The 40,000 SF three-story facility is located in downtown Flagstaff, AZ and is respectful of the historic downtown architecture. It creates a new center of civil life for the district court and the city. The new facility replaces two outdated, functionally inadequate buildings and uses an underutilized package owned by the city for efficient and creative backfilling.

The new building also houses the city's prosecutor's office. The district court's first working day was October 19, 2020, roughly two years after the draft began. Sustainability was an important factor for the city during the design. The new facility is the first Green Globes building in northern Arizona (facing Three Green Globes), with an emphasis on materials that are durable and low-maintenance, as well as systems that are energy efficient.

The project was procured using a design-build contract delivery method where the contractor and the architect work under a joint contract. This method benefits the project in many ways and the KCS-CGL team took advantage of these benefits by fostering a collaborative atmosphere and setting common goals from the start. “Your team has excellent schedule and budget management skills, they value open communication and are transparent at all levels. Their approach is real teamwork and always doing the right thing for the project, ”said Christine Cameron, Project Manager for the City of Flagstaff.

The new district court facility was funded in part by a taxpayer-approved loan, and KCS recognized its fiduciary responsibility to the community by making the most efficient use of every dollar. The resulting facility, deployed within budget without sacrificing quality or value, is evidence of the seriousness with which KCS took on this responsibility. Commenting on the project budget challenges, Christine Cameron, City Project Manager, Flagstaff said, “Our project was on a tight budget that had to take into account maximizing the value for taxpayers' funding. KCS really exceeded our expectations. "

KCS and the City of Flagstaff would like to thank their trading partners for their role in making the project a success. Unanticipated challenges due to COVID-19 were met with grace, flexibility and a shared sense of responsibility. Local trading partners and building materials were prioritized as much as possible, which contributed to the overall quality of the project.

“The City of Flagstaff's new municipal court facility was designed and built to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. The KCS-led project team understood the needs of the courthouse and provided a beautiful and functional space for legal proceedings, ”said Jessica Cortes, City Court Administrator for Flagstaff. Tim Kinney, CEO of KCS, on the importance of this project for the city: “KCS is honored to be involved in such an impactful project for our community. The new establishment of the district court will be a great asset for future generations. "

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