The Metropolis of Flagstaff implements hearth restrictions – KNAU Arizona Public Radio

The city of Flagstaff will put fire restrictions in place on Friday to reduce the chance of man-made forest fires and reduce the impact on first responders during the coronavirus outbreak.

Under the second tier restrictions, the use of charcoal grills is prohibited in all urban parks such as Thorpe, Buffalo, and McMillan Mesa, as well as in private campsites. In addition, smoking is prohibited in parks and on the Flagstaff Urban Trail System, and no open burning permits are issued. The use of fire pits and open flame devices such as chimeneas is also prohibited within the city limits.

Gas grills and other portable stoves with on and off switches are still permitted in parks and private campsites. The sale or use of commercial grade fireworks is also prohibited in the city.

Flagstaff police say officers will expand patrols across the community to ensure restrictions are being followed.

Bonfires are already banned in all six Arizona national forests.

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