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Elaina Van Duyne, sustainability coordinator for Associated Students of Northern Arizona University (ASNAU), said she often thrifts in Flagstaff. While she knows that thrifting has become popular lately in hopes to be a sustainable alternative to fast fashion, she said some in the community use it for their own profit.

“It’s amazing how popular thrifting has become, especially in recent years,” Duyne said. “It’s a super fun activity that allows you to be more sustainable and creative. With that being said, it is also important that everyone stay mindful of their communities and only take what they need from thrift stores, especially smaller, more local ones. Don’t buy a giant stock of clothing just to resell it, because, for some people, these thrift stores are the only option they have.”

Duyne said thrifting has become so popular because it is a small step anyone can take, even with limited resources, but it helps in big ways.

“When people thrift and buy secondhand instead of buying within the fast fashion industry, it helps prevent water and land usage, and it keep microplastics and synthetic materials from contaminating our oceans,” Duyne said. “Also, the transportation of clothing contributes to our global carbon footprint, so fashion really has a hand in every sustainability issue in one way or another. Thrifting is also an easy, tangible way for individuals to make a change on a personal level.”

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