Two surveys make clear the influence from COVID-19 on Flagstaff’s native companies – Arizona Day by day Solar

But just as many businesses are looking to reopen, following the state’s lead, some industries are still limited in how they can resume operations by other jurisdictions.

Joy Staveley, president of Canyoneers Inc., which provides rafting trips down the Colorado River, said Canyoneers has found itself in that position. Grand Canyon National Park recently extended the closure of the Colorado River until June 14. The closure had been set to expire on May 21.

“It is discouraging; I think the park ought to follow at least what the state of Arizona decides to do,” Staveley said.

And now, Staveley said she is worried there may be no commercial rafting season this year at all. If that ends up being the case, Staveley said she thinks Canyoneers can still make it to next year, but they would be counting on a good commercial season in 2021.

“Having said that, we would much prefer to salvage some of this season. Anything we could salvage would be helpful,” Staveley said.

In the meantime, Staveley said Canyoneers has been running off of the earnings they made last year. Luckily, the company has no debts, so all their expenses are only to keep their lights on and their six permanent employees paid, she said.

The company hasn’t had to lay anyone off, but Staveley said they haven’t hired any of the guides they would have normally who actually run the trips.

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