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Andres "Dapper Dre" Adauto [left] and Nick Jones [right] host spooky nighttime tours of downtown Flagstaff.

Dapper Dre Aduato

Andres "Dapper Dre" Adauto [left] and Nick Jones [right] present spooky, nocturnal tours of downtown Flagstaff.


The terrible Dre stands next to the entrance to the cocktail lounge attached to the Hotel Monte Vista, entertaining tour guests about the haunted spots it contains, including a bank robber who drank his last drink in a joint before he died.

Dre in the playhouse

The Doris Harper-White Playhouse, which is now home to the Theatrikos players, has a long history of haunted, as Dreadful explained to Dre when standing near the main entrance.

Dre and Susan

Andres Adauto, also known as Dreadful Dre, is the host of the Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour, and Susan Johnson, right in costume, is the creator and historian behind it.

Unlucky, except for the flickering lantern dangling from his lapel, and Dreadful Dre was standing right in an abandoned parking lot on Leroux Street. He twisted his cane with the skull grip and pointed the staff menacingly north toward a stately Flagstaff home that was considered haunted by many, including the man himself.

Nobody said anything. The group fell as quiet as a gallows. A slightly waning moon, reinforced by the swaying lantern, could not dispel the creepy, palpable possibility that something threatening, something spectral, could soon happen this Saturday night.

Dreadful Dre spoke at last – his sturdy tenor took on sober tones, his eyeballs bulging and his demonic face mask with smiling skeleton throbbing with every inhale and exhale, and his delivery channeled a combination of Vincent Price and Rod Serling.

"I assure you," he said, "this story is enough to chill everyone to the bone."

All that was missing was an insane cackle.

He spent the next 10 minutes describing the gruesome details of the 1937 Walkup family murders, one of the highlights of the Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour, which has been a staple of the city since 2015 and made even more creepy in those masked viruses seems to be. Fear of pandemics.

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