Economic system: Flagstaff Retains Transferring – Arizona Day by day Solar.


Outside of the corporate community served by Moonshot @ NACET, there are a number of companies that have expanded their business, increased their market share and changed their practices to stay ahead of the curve.

The Research Institute for Translational Genomics (T-Gen) Nord is home to the Department of Pathogens and Microbiomes of TGen. At the forefront of teams working to understand COVID-19, T-Gen North has doubled in size and continues to grow.

The Joy Cone Company, the world's largest manufacturer of ice cream cones, has increased its production and market share and even hired another 30 employees on site. People love ice cream, and cones are some of the best ice delivery systems known to mankind.

Machine Solutions is a successful start-up from Flagstaff that has been growing here for 20 years. Machine Solutions is the leading provider of advanced equipment and services for the medical device, biopharmaceutical, and blood and plasma collection industries. In the past 12 months, Machine Solutions has added three more companies to its growing portfolio to complement efforts to improve lives around the world.

Income from bed, food and drinks

Flagstaff City's Bed, Food, and Beverage Tax levies an additional 2% on motel rooms / campsites, restaurants, and bars. As such, it is a number that people refer to in order to measure the health of our tourism heavy economy. These revenues are limited to certain economic development, arts, beautification, recreation or tourism activities. While the average increase over the past four years has been 1.5%, BBB tax revenue has been one of the hardest hit, with a 10.1% decrease. It's testament to the Discover Flagstaff team and their efforts to market the COVID compliant companies that are open that this decline hasn't been worse. For Discover Flagstaff's efforts, we anticipate a strong return on these revenues.

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