Flagstaff softball falls at dwelling on Cactus, 9-Three – Arizona Every day Solar.

Flagstaff Eagles pitcher Gracie Schmitz, 13, blows up as she takes on Cactus during a game at Flagstaff High School on Saturday afternoon.

Flagstaff softball

Flagstaff's Gracie Schmitz watches her seat enter the strike zone during a game against Cactus Saturday at Flagstaff High School.

Flagstaff softball

Flagstaff's Reese Elliott (9) catches the edge of the ball as he hits Cactus during a home game on Saturday afternoon.

Flagstaff softball

Flagstaff's Reese Elliott (9) jumps for the ball over a Cactus player who is sliding on the second Saturday afternoon during a game at Flagstaff High School.

Especially for the daily sun

The Flagstaff softball team is one of the best in the 4A conference. In Saturday's matinee game against the Cactus Cobras, the Eagles were in third place, hoping to stay hot. Their eight-game winning streak came to an end when the Cobras took an early lead and never let go, defeating the Eagles 9-3 at Flagstaff High School.

Eagles starter Gracie Schmitz came into play as one of the Eagles' top pitchers, but the Cobra Bats caught her early, scoring two runs with four hits in the first inning. Schmitz would be satisfied with the second and third innings, not give up any runs and beat three in the range. However, the Cobras would strike again in the fourth, add two more runs and throw Schmitz out of the game in the fifth.

The Eagles' bats started slowly, with few traits in bats, leaving too many runners on the base. However, the Eagles closed the gap in the sixth inning, with senior Lily Anderson completing a triple home run to close the gap.

"For one thing, Lily Anderson is a great ball player and she's a great catcher," said Ray Hernandez, manager of the Eagles. “She brings so much positivity to the girls and the whole team. The only good thing about Lily is that she still has a good attitude when she hits a home run. If she strikes, she still has a good attitude. Nothing changes for her, she is a great young lady. "

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