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Take a look around Flagstaff and notice the appearance of lots that are not built in or incorporated into the courtyard of some homes. Unless something has been done recently, any such amount is a horror and threat to the health and real estate values ​​of our city.

50 years ago

1971: Last Saturday, the Pack 137 Boy Scouts made their "good turn" when they ran a cleanup project in Flagstaff. The cubs ended the day with lots of large garbage bags to show for their efforts.

They are "Finger Licken Good". It's the special secret ingredient in the batter of our recipe for our fried chicken wings, livers and stomachs. Visit us at the Chicken Inn on Milton Road.

A tasty bargain 95 cents a dozen.

Well-made eggs provided a clue to a wildfire starter. Unidentified campers cooking eggs for breakfast may have been the cause of a fire that set 3,500 acres of Ponderosa pine on fire near Flagstaff last week.

On a small campsite in the Coconino forest near the source of the fire, a pan was found that still contained scorched scrambled eggs.

25 years ago

1996: Now we know for sure that spring has come.

A tradition is back on the corner of Aspen Avenue and Humphreys Street in Wheeler Park. Cristina Lask is again selling hot dogs, Polish sausage dogs and Chicago-style fire dogs, as she has done every season since 1984 when her bright red cart with its flying banners first appeared. So come in. The dogs are waiting for you.

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