Flagstaff subsidizes native purchases of eco-friendly autos – Arizona Every day Star

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Flagstaff local Stewart Weinstein ordered an all-electric vehicle to be environmentally friendly, but now says the unexpected financial perks of his purchase have already piled up — before even driving his new car off the lot.

One benefit is that Weinstein can apply for the citys Sustainable Automotive Rebate Program, which offers sales tax rebates for fuel-efficient vehicles purchased at local dealerships.

“I feel the technology and the time is right for these electric vehicles and I like supporting my local community,” Weinstein said. “And it feels like I just keep finding out new, added bonuses of getting this car.”

The city’s rebate program, which went into effect in July, not only promotes sustainable practices in the community, but also supports the city’s vehicle industry, Flagstaff Business Attraction Manager Jack Fitchett said.

The city currently offers a three-tiered rebate system based on the type of vehicle purchased, offering high fuel-efficiency vehicles the largest incentives. All-electric vehicles qualify for the program’s highest tier at a 2% rebate. That means that both new and used all-electric vehicles purchased locally can subtract 2.0% of the 2.281% vehicle tax rate, bringing the effective tax rate to 0.281% after rebate.

But few vehicle owners have actually taken advantage of the all-electric vehicles rebate, Fitchett said.

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