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Flagstaff City Council concluded its household retreat on Friday. Police work was a major discussion point and several public participants urged the council to cut police funding, claiming that Flagstaff police were targeting Indians and other minorities. However, the council has no plans to defuse the police and will meet the police on Monday at 5 p.m. Bond proposals were the other big problem, with broadband expansion a top priority for Mayor Paul Deasy. However, other council members felt that initiatives such as rapid restructuring should be a priority, along with a new "alternative response model" where the city would hire behavioral health professionals to help the homeless and other vulnerable populations get the help they need and themselves keep out of the population criminal justice system. Mayor Deasy was reluctant to put more than two bond measures on the ballot, fearing that a higher number would tire voters and reduce the likelihood of bonds being handed over. Among other things, federal funds from the CARES Act, which will be applied to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, as well as infrastructure plans such as the widening of the road for bicycle paths and the expansion of the broadband network were discussed. You can follow Monday's special meeting on policing on the city's website.

Nicholas Bratcher

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