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As of now, weekly class schedules are regularly posted on Instagram @ resonate.collective and include yoga practices like Mysore Ashtanga, which focuses on movement and breath in a modern form of classical Indian yoga, and Jivamukti, which comes from the Sanskrit word jivanmuktih, "liberation during life "as well as Chi Gong, Kung Fu, sound baths and more. "If more people come here and practice it will add even more vibration to the place, and everyone who comes here loves it so far," said McCleester. "And we are constantly making improvements and trying to make a better process for every teacher or student." There's no way this is my place, you know, it's a collective for the people in the church. "

She recently completed her 500-hour yoga teacher training but has been developing her spiritual practice for more than two decades.

Source "It's about connecting with the divine and seeing who we really are on our soul level compared to what society tells us, or our family, or anyone else," McCleester said. “I find this inner knowledge, to have this spiritual core, so important. I started practicing yoga around 17 and really developing my spirituality. "

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