The Metropolis of Flagstaff has acquired the Nationwide League of Cities – Indicators AZ Neighborhood Resilience Grant


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The National League of Cities (NLC) announced the city of Flagstaff, AZ, as one of eight cities for the Leadership in Community Resilience program in 2021. The NLC will provide US $ 10,000 direct financial assistance, as well as technical assistance and advice from NLC staff and partners, to the city to help meet community-specific resilience goals.

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The city will use these funds to focus on the effects of smoke from forest fires and mandatory burns by launching the Resilient Neighborhoods Network in three pilot neighborhoods, providing micro-grants to participating neighborhoods, and purchasing HEPA air purifiers to be distributed to vulnerable residents .

"The city is honored to work with NLC to advance our resilience work in Flagstaff and to launch these valuable programs," said Paul Deasy, Flagstaff Mayor. “There is a tremendous need in our community to support resilience at the neighborhood level. The HEPA air purifiers and the Resilient Neighborhoods Network will help prepare our community for the effects of climate change. "

The Leadership in Community Resilience program has been generously supported by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Wells Fargo for five years. The program provides training, tools and partnerships to help local government leaders prepare their communities for extreme events and long-term climatic and social stressors.

"Every city in the country needs a robust recovery from COVID-19 to build stronger and more equitable communities," said Cooper Martin, director of sustainability and solutions at NLC. "Lower-income residents and color communities suffer disproportionately from all types of disasters. We are proud that this grant supports local efforts to improve the lives of all residents."

In addition to providing direct support to these eight cities, NLC will share its experiences and best practices with other NLC member cities and serve as an example for hundreds of other communities seeking greater resilience for their residents and preparing for the effects of climate change.

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