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Talk to an agent who will take the time to listen to your plan and concern, then let your new adventure begin!

Let's face it, not all buyers and sellers are created equal. A Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) is a certified real estate agent who has received additional training that can be helpful in navigating real estate options and challenges for seniors 50 and older.

This certification is under the umbrella of the National Association of Realtors, and the SRES designation is earned by those brokers who want to better serve the needs of local or retired buyers and sellers.

Just as you may want to seek the advice of a certified financial planner on your finances, consider using the advice and experience of an SRES broker to discuss one of your greatest assets: your property.

Older buyers and sellers are in a different phase of their financial lives and typically don't have to think about job changes or school district locations like their younger colleagues. They may have more cash for a higher deposit or even pay cash for their home purchases. Older sellers can downsize from this large, multi-story home to a single-story home, or even a townhouse or independent retirement home to make their lives easier. Some older buyers may also consider investment property to increase their retirement income from annuities, 401,000, dividends, annuities, and social security. Location is also important to most retired buyers. Proximity to good medical facilities and public transport is becoming more important than "off-grid" real estate, which could have fascinated us 20 years ago.

SRES agents know that in most cases, salespeople have lived in their homes for many years, have lifelong memories, and have mixed feelings about moving. It's an incredibly intense and personal decision. The task at hand can seem overwhelming to say the least!

Fortunately, SRES agents can help by providing options that may not originally have been discovered to meet the seller / buyer's needs. Knowledge is power and in this case very appropriate.

Some of the questions you may ask of a seasoned SRES broker include: What is the best way to change your current home if you want to "age on the spot"? When does it make sense to consider a reverse mortgage? What kind of independent housing and skilled care facilities are there in Flagstaff? and what are the ways to pay for them? What other social services might be available for your specific needs? and what can you do with your lifelong collection of books and furniture?

SRES agents have excellent networking skills, experience, and resources to guide you to the best source of information and hopefully ease the stress of a senior's new adventures, whether they stay up to date or move on. Regardless of what you choose, this is a big step. Talk to an agent who will take the time to listen to your plan and concern, then let your new adventure begin! FBN

By Paula Mack, SRES

Paula Mack, SRES, is REALTOR at Russ Lyon Sotheby & # 39; s International Realty. She can be reached at 928-699-6837 or

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